Monday, January 17, 2022

Make money on Amazon FBA

In this article, we are going to discuss the ways through which one can make money with Amazon FBA. After a read, you can go for your own business model which Amazon is offering you to start selling with the help of the Amazon website.

Private Label Model– Under the private label model, the seller can sell a product with a specified brand name. Before starting selling with this model, it’s important to get a product with your own name. In this way, you need to get a patent registration for the product which no other can sell without your permission on Amazon.

Product Customization– If you are unable to go for the private label model and still want to take advantage of a specific feature of the product, just make the product design patent and ask a manufacturer of the same product for customization. While customizing the product, you need to make sure you have patented the product feature and you have a name which you would be having on the product. In this case, you can sell that product at Amazon without going to manufacture it on your own.

Retail Arbitrage Model– With this quick money-making model, all you need to observe the local market sale seasons. This model allows you to sell products that are under sales and discounts by other retailing websites and stores which have their own products and set a discount on their own products. For this, you need to contact the authorities of the brand whose products are under sale for permission to resell their products. Once you have the permission letter, all you need is to buy the products in bulk and send the inventory to the Amazon FBA warehouse, from where your orders would be fulfilled by Amazon. You can sell the same products at the same time at a higher price.

Wholesale Model- This is also a good model when it comes to the investment cost of the business. What you need is the reseller permit from the brands or manufacturers whose products are either selling via Amazon or any other channel. Once you get permission from the brand to resell the products, it’s much easier to move on. Just get the product listing done through your seller central account, add the inventory through creating the inventory plan and get life once your product is in the warehouse of Amazon. You can set your own price irrespective of the price offered by the brands or other resellers.

Online Arbitrage– This model is the easiest one as it only deals online. There isn’t any physical inventory available but still can make dollars with digital assets. Videos, audio, movies, and eBooks. Once you receive an order, you are credited with your profits.

Merch by Amazon Model– This is also a model which doesn’t need to have any inventory to sell and make money. What the seller is in need of is to create a design of a product and create a listing against the product design. Once the order is received, Amazon which is manufacturing the product and processes the order.



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