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Different Types Of Anime Figures That You Can Pick For Yourself

Planning to get yourself anime products? Not sure what anime character you are going to buy? There are many anime figure types available in the market, and each of these figures has a different price and set of features. Here, we will help you have a clear idea about the different types of anime figures available in the market. This will help you to buy Japanese figures online.

Prize Figures: Prize figures are mostly small in size. They are around 140 mm. They are usually solid pieces made of PVC. The clothes of these dolls can be removable. They have very simple designs and are of low quality, so they are often given out as prizes in Japan. They are not designed to scale and are also relatively cheap. So, if you are just a beginner and you wish to start collecting anime figures, then the prize figures may be the appropriate option for you. You will be able to purchase a lot of figures from a Japanese Anime Figure Online Store without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Scale Figures: These are proportional figures which come with size references like ½ or ⅙. This means that the figure’s dimensions have been brought down to ½th or ⅙th of the size of the actual figure. These figures are extremely popular in the market, and some of them come with movable parts as well. They might also have a few accessories like books, glasses, and alternate faces. These types of figures are mostly expensive and can make your collection richer.

Figma: Figmas are mostly lighter and smaller anime figures made of PVC. The main feature of these figures is their pose-ability. They are created in action poses. They also have many joints along with the structure. This makes them look very realistic. The legs, hands, and arms can be completely disconnected from the body. However, they cannot be separated from the torso. These figures come with a lot of tiny pieces. You will also be able to find alternate faces, hands, and accessories that can match your figures from a Japanese anime figure store.

Nendoroids:  Nendorlids are very small figures made of PVC material. They have a really cute design and come in funny poses. They have a few joints that aren’t a lot noticeable. They are usually smaller; the legs, hands, and arms can be completely disconnected from the figures’ bodies; however, they do not separate from the middle. The Nendoroid comes with alternate hands, faces and accessories. The figures are not expensive.

Add these are some of the most popular anime figures you can expect to find at a Japanese Anime Figure Store Online. You can also visit our store to look at the different types of anime figures.

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