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What Does Cat Eye Mean For Glasses?

‘Cat-eye” specifically refers to the shape of eyeglasses. It is a browline style with sharp, pointy edges. They have been a popular trend since the 1950s and, to date, hold a top position in the eyewear world. With time cat-eye styles and frame types have evolved immensely. However, the basic structure remains the same.

Discover how this unique shape has evolved with time. Also, the article has insights on ancient and modern cat eye glasses that have captured the market surprisingly. Wearing this ever-green style will surely amp up all your latest fashion styles. So, seize all details about this unique style and grab your favorite.

Here are the top styles and shapes you must know.

Classic/Vintage Cat-Eye Frames  

As we know, the cat-eye style has adopted several trends over half a century, and one has a lot of options available to them. If you prefer a vintage design, classic cat-eye glasses are ideal. They offer a retro-chic appearance and will meet your necessities the finest.

  1. Black Cat-Eye Frames

Black cat-eye glasses offer a standard look; the style acquired attention in the 1950s when women often wore these chunky black glasses. These simple designs are also quite easy to locate. The black cat-eye sunglasses offer a chunky look with bold and sharp edges.

  1. Tortoise Cat-Eye Frames

Tortoise cat-eye glasses are one of the most appealing eyewear collections today. To date, the tortoiseshell look is quite popular. You can opt for any playful shape in this understated pattern. So, if you seek an appealing look, these glasses could be your ideal pick. Moreover, they also go well for soft, decent looks to suit every occasion.

  1. Red Cat-Eye Frames 

Another cat-eye style with a retro look is red cat eyeglasses. These glasses are undoubtedly striking in both their design and color. So, if you wish to make red cat eye prescription glasses go ahead and try this bold look. This eyewear offers a modern twist with a classy look to offer playfulness with confidence. You can also try other tones like bright purple or pink if you like making bold statements and loud colors.

  1. Rhinestone Cat-Eye Frames 

Rhinestones look the best on cat-eye-styled eyewear. These striking add-ons offer cat-eyes a more elevated and vintage look. Finding these cat-eye styles could be difficult today; however, they are still quite available. Wear these fantastic glasses that offer vintage and modern looks to complement your daily style.

Modern cat-eye glasses

Old-styled frames are still quite popular even today, yet you may be looking for cat-eye styles that look more modern and meet today’s requirements. If so, take a peek at these amazing cat-eye styles to complement all your modern chic attires.

  1. Semi-rimless glasses

The semi-rimless cat-eye styles offer a completely contrary look to the regular eyeglass frame. The late 1950s yet again inspired this look. They were first worn back by celebrities and had nearly clear rimless bottom frames. Today, you can easily acquire a similar look by removing the bulk of the base rim. The stunning cat-eye style is a clear winner and grabs immense attention. Also, it suits both genders and every face type, which makes it a top preference. Making cat eye prescription glasses from these modern frames is the best choice.

  1. Oversized glasses

Oversize glasses are certainly a very strong trend. They are modern, bold, aesthetic, and striking in every way. Cat-eye-style glasses and oversized frames make the best combination. While the ancient cat-eye styles were popularly known for holding smaller lenses, oversized cat-eye glasses make great playful alternatives. These glasses have a bold and thick D-shaped frame. And perfectly suits every style and event quite well.

  1. Accented Glasses

Back then, the rhinestone style was most popular in the cat-eye range. However, with time angular accents have successfully replaced their position. Black accented glasses are a top pick for most people. They have a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns to suit all styles and complement each look well.

Benefits of Cat-Eye Glasses 

Wearing these quirky styles does offer some exceptional style benefits. The two most prominent perks are:

  1. Face Uplift 

The finest aspect of cat eye prescription glasses is that they elevate your face. Today these prescription glasses are getting back in trend. And most individuals are opting for them noticing its wonderful design. They perfectly enhance your features and create a look to draw ample attention.

  1. Variety 

Another striking perk is the variety these glasses offer. Cat eye glasses have several options and suit all. One can easily find a perfect cat-eye style to suit their facial structure.


Cat-eye is not just a style for glasses but an altogether new eyewear collection today. Explore the finest cat-eye collection on Vooglam to pick your ideal pair. The wide range of eyewear available here will certainly surprise you!

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