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Hardcase Luggage | What Makes Hardside Suitcases Every Travelers Choice

Hardcase luggage, hard shell carry-on, or hardback suitcases, these all are different names of every traveler’s first choice – a hardside travel trolley bag. The rough and tough hard shell protects luggage like nothing else and gives complete peace of mind to its owner. India’s premium hardside suitcases manufacturer, Nasher Miles, gives us three reasons travelers love hardcase luggage.

  1. Unparalleled Protection

A hard shell suitcase protects your clothes and fragile items, if any, like no other luggage can ever do, believes Nasher Miles. You open a hardside suitcase to see your clothing as organized as you had packed it. Furthermore, hardcase luggage sets are weather-resistant, add experts at Nasher Miles. In an untoward event like rain or while twirling through puddles, a hardside travel trolley bag lets clothes and other items remain untouched. Another plus point is that with hardside suitcases, you don’t have to worry about other heavy suitcases meddling with yours in an overhead cabin. It is designed to take care of itself.

  1. Theft Prevention & Security

As per Nasher Miles, even the most ambitious thieves stay away from hardcase luggage. The hard shell is made from materials like Polypropylene, which cannot be slit even by the most efficient knives. Hard shell suitcases also lend added security as no one can slip anything in your luggage. Your suitcase remains intact until you open it.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Hardside luggage sets are less prone to getting dirty and super easy to clean. You don’t have to wash them and wait for them to dry. It’s calming just to use a wet cloth and wipe them off. Nasher Miles shares that the hard shells do not absorb spills, rain, or anything else. Therefore, with hardcase suitcases, you can bid goodbye to stains forever!

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